Danny James - Lead Vocals
Dwayne Shores - Lead/ Rhythm Guitar
Brian "Bam Bam" Bradford - Drums
Joe Piemonte - Bass/ Vocals
Rollie Feldman - Rhythm/ Lead Guitar

Bad Boy Elroy Plays Guitar Oriented Classic Album Rock and Roll.

The Band is comprised of seasoned International and domestic players from a number of prominent bands hailing from the Tampa Bay area and abroad.  Bands include,  but arent limted to  ( The Snow,  Freddy And The Freeloaders,  DVS,  Brickford Road,  Sandstorm,  X13, Black Crown and Den Of Thieves).

With no less than 20 years of individual expirience at thier craft and "A" circuit live performance playing, you are guaranteed attention to the finest nuances of a stellar show.